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Technology Overview

OndaVia's technology relies on nanotechnology to achieve rapid chemical analysis. Our patented Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) based detection technology allows users to measure contaminants at appropriate levels, from %-level down to parts-per-billion. Raman spectroscopy is an optical technique that detects the specific chemical fingerprints of water contaminants. When transformed with our SERS technology, these chemical fingerprints can be detected and measured at trace levels. First discovered over 40 years ago, we have discovered how to make SERS repeatable, accurate, and easy. Our test kits are the first ever SERS-based quantitative analytical methods. Our tools give you definitive results so you can take decisive actions!

What we can measure

Nearly anything! Our toolbox is full of techniques to isolate, concentration, and detect your contaminants. We have many cartridges in development: benzene/BTEX, TCE/PCE, atrazine, acetochlor/metalochlor/alachlor, melamine or antibiotics in milk, boron, iron, lead, arsenic, hydrazine .... and on and on. Our specialty is process control in the oil & gas industry: amines in refinery process waters, hydrogen sulfide scavengers in crude oil, metals in waste water.

Organics, inorganics, heavy metals, endocrine disrupting compounds, pharmaceutical and personal care products. You name it, we can do it. Do you have a contaminant in mind? Help us choose what to develop next or contact us with questions.

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