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Perchlorate (ClO4) Analysis Cartridge

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The OndaVia Analysis System with the Perchlorate Analysis Cartridge provides a fast, easy perchlorate measurement. The bench-top instrument consumes single-use, disposable analysis cartridges that provide a fast, easy-to-understand measurement of perchlorate levels in water. Whether used to monitor treatment system performance or as part of a site survey, an OndaVia Analysis System provides fast, easy-to-understand perchlorate measurements. In contrast to the alternative of laboratory analysis, an OndaVia system gives you the on-site results needed for an immediate response.

Our Perchlorate Analysis Cartridge is available as a ppm-level analysis kit and as a ppb-level kit with a pre-concentration step. Using pre-concentration enables nearly arbitrary detection limits. Our published methods are designed for an MDL of 4-ppb.

  • OV-PP-B001-PPM: 0.5-ppm to 10-ppm
  • OV-PP-B001-PPB: 4-ppb to 100-ppb

Cartridges are provided ten (10) per box.

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