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Although monoethanolamine (MEA) is widely used in many consumer products, it has negative health effects. Any MEA spilled or otherwise deposited on a surface can present a risk to the user. Our portable analysis system can measure MEA where created or deployed. Although our test kits are designed for ppm-level measurements, a straightforward dilution enables a quick measurement of percent-level scrubbing solutions for process control and quality assurance. For example, amines released into the atmosphere can be measured by bubbling air through a slightly acidic water solution. The amines will partition into the aqueous solution. Analysis of this solution provides a measure of the atmospheric amine content, useful in a wide variety of applications—from monitoring MEA that escapes during CO2 scrubbing to protecting worker health in agricultural environments. Amines deposited on surfaces can be measured using a similar method, by first wiping the surface with a clean cloth and then soaking the cloth in dilute acidic solution.