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Increase profit and protect assets with process improvement

Chemical dosing and optimization depends on comprehensive process control through online and near-real-time monitoring of key process variables, often in explosive, dusty, corrosive, and hostile environments. OndaVia provides instrumentation tested and optimized for your process needs. With thousands of tests performed to date, our products have the accuracy, reliability, and specificity you need to improve your chemical processes.

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Contactor tower process control and optimization

Triazine-based hydrogen sulfide scavengers are cost- and process-effective tools to condition gas before transport. Although simple in theory, the scavenging process is complex in practice. The reaction by-products are not water soluble, form viscous, multi-phase solutions, and scale downstream equipment. These risks require more frequent triazine change-outs to avoid shutdown due to scale formation—in other words, money spent on chemical instead of even more money spent repairing assets. By monitoring the scavenging process and chemical concentrations, you can avoid this compromise, extending triazine lifetime without risking asset damage.

Oilfield chemical quality control and verification

Without in-field measurement tools, you are forced to rely upon your vendors’ test reports regarding product quality. But when chemicals are difficult to measure—triazine-based scavengers, for example—even your vendor may not know the true material quality. This uncertainty not only affects the bottom line by paying for low quality materials but also risks your assets when assumptions are made regarding material quality. Sometimes a deal that is too good to be true is too good. Know for sure.

Produced water monitoring to meet disposal specifications

Sulfide scavenger residuals in hydrocarbons

Triazine-based sulfide scavengers are widely used in the gas sweetening process. However, they generate dithiazine by-products that can cause scale and fouling in processing and transportation equipment. This effect is especially problematic when water is involved during the preparation and transportation of NGLs, as dithiazine is water-insoluble. With a simple extraction into aqueous solution, dithiazine content can be measured simply and quickly, helping avoid system downtime.