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Increase profit and protect assets with process improvement

Petrochemical plants are large and complex production facilities. Once the crude oil price is fixed the profitability can only be improved through the process optimization. In plant operation, plant integrity and safety, production rate, product quality, and costs are primary considerations. These all depend on comprehensive process control through online and near-real-time monitoring of key process variables, often in explosive, dusty, corrosive, and hostile environments. OndaVia provides instrumentation tested and optimized for your process needs. With thousands of tests performed to date, our products have the accuracy, reliability, and specificity you need to improve your chemical processes.




Aldehydes in caustic scrubbers


Sulfur in diesel and other hydrocarbons

Regulations require ultra-low sulfur diesel to contain under 15-ppm total sulfur content. Measuring this low sulfur level requires high-end laboratory equipment—often machines that generate high-energy x-rays. Fast, simple test methods enable spot-checking fuel quality to avoid asset damage, air pollution, and regulatory fines.