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Increase profit and protect assets with process improvement


Sulfur in diesel and other fuels

Regulations require ultra-low sulfur diesel to contain under 15-ppm total sulfur content. Measuring this low sulfur level requires high-end laboratory equipment—often machines that generate high-energy x-rays. Fast, simple test methods enable spot-checking fuel quality to avoid asset damage, air pollution, and regulatory fines.

Total sulfur in bunker fuel

IMO2020 requires that bunker fuel contain less than 3.5% total sulfur. With your ships moving through ports around the world, bunkering in locations where fuel quality is questionable, how can you guarantee compliance with new sulfur regulations? The only option is to wait days for test reports when the fuel is on-board and the ship is at-sea—while carrying extra fuel instead of additional goods. If the fuel fails to meet specification, you have tough decisions to make. Know before you go. Save time, protect your assets, and improve your bottom line.