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Increase profit and protect assets with process improvement

OIl & gas exploration depends on comprehensive process control through online and near-real-time monitoring of key process variables, often in explosive, dusty, corrosive, and hostile environments. OndaVia provides instrumentation tested and optimized for your process needs. With thousands of tests performed to date, our products have the accuracy, reliability, and specificity you need to improve your exploration processes.







Hydrogen sulfide early warning

Hydrogen sulfide can be present underground in high-concentration pockets. Outside of these regions, the level might be low. When the drill hits a pocket, the H2S level will spike. If there is not enough scavenger present, you risk damage to your assets—drills, wells, and people. But, by monitoring the level of scavenger present in the drilling mud, you can predict H2S concentrations before they reach break-through. Chemical optimization saves time, money—and assets.