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Protect people and assets with process monitoring

The handling, processing, and treatment of industrial wastewater is a complex operation affected by varying influent conditions and tight regulatory requirements. Proper process control requires precise, timely measurements. Good data results in effective treatment, protecting people and the environment while maintaining regulatory requirements and asset conditions.

Our ORCA™ platform of automated instruments is ideal for semi-continuous, low-maintenance monitoring of your process water streams.





Wastewater monitoring and control

Wastewater treatment of a varying input source is a challenging problem. The concentration of amines, alcohols, aldehydes, and metals can shift with the crude and change with upstream process adjustments. High amines lead to nitrification. Alcohols and biocides poison the treatment system. And high metal content can lead to permit violations. Tools that enable fast, on-site analysis help you optimize and control your system, avoid upsets, and run smoothly.

Selenium in flue-gas desulfurization waste water

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Corrosion-control amines in boiler water

Our automated platform enabled semi-continuous, online monitoring of corrosion control amines like cyclohexylamine (CHA) or morpholine. The ORCA-201 Amine Analysis Fluidic Unit coupled with an ORCA-101 Electronic Control Unit will provide automated amine analysis in boiler water applications with minimal user involvement. With an appropriate choice of test cassette, this system can perform low-ppm amine analysis for your SCADA system.

You get more data with less user time, while continuously verifying your system meets compliance specifications.

Nitrate contamination in urea

When you need high quality urea, monitoring nitrate contamination becomes a key challenge. The challenge is compounded by transient or uneven contamination, something that an automated sampling and analysis platform is ideally suited to solve. Our ORCA platform can perform ppm-level nitrate analysis even in 30%+ urea solutions.