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Monoethanolamine (MEA) Analysis Cartridge

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Organic amines are corrosion control agents that increase pH and scavenge corrosive contaminants. Monoethanolamine (MEA), for example, is a widely-used corrosion inhibitor that eliminates dissolved CO2 and helps control pH in industrial boilers and nuclear power plants. In CO2 scrubbing applications, MEA is an effective capture agent. Amines are also used as hydrogen sulfide scavengers in oil and gas production and processing. In all applications, on-site monitoring for amines can help maintain appropriate corrosion protection, extending system lifetime and avoiding costly corrosion-induced shutdowns and failures.

The OndaVia Analysis System with the Monoethanolamine Analysis Cartridge provides a fast, easy MEA measurement. A demonstration video is available here. The bench-top instrument consumes single-use, disposable analysis cartridges that provide a fast, easy-to-understand measurement of MEA levels in water. The method is easily adaptable to monitoring amines in air (using a bubbler) or on surfaces (using an extraction into dilute acid solution). Whether used to control amine dosing or as a wastewater monitoring system, an OndaVia Analysis System provides fast, easy-to-understand MEA measurements. In contrast to the alternative of laboratory analysis, an OndaVia system gives you the on-site results needed for an immediate response. We offer two cartridge styles for ethanolamine analysis, one for mid-ppm analysis and one for low-ppm analysis:

  • 0-ppm to 100-ppm (OV-PP-B003-PPM)
  • 0-ppm to 10-ppm (OV-PP-B003-LPM)

Cartridges are supplied ten (10) per box.