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Refining and Petrochemicals

The OndaVia Analysis System enables laboratory-grade chemical testing for a wide range of compounds in just minutes, from ionic species such as amines, scavenger residuals, and corrosion inhibitors to metals like selenium, vanadium, chrome, and arsenic to organic contaminants like aldehydes and alcohols . With a portable instrument and analyte-specific, consumable cartridges, you can measure contaminants from %- to part-per-million and even part-per-billion levels—on-site, in under five minutes.

Definitive results that enable decisive actions.


  • Amine analysis process and waste water
  • Methanol and tramp amines in crude
  • Selenium in waste water
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  • Aldehydes in caustic scrubbers
  • Ammonia in process and waste water
  • And many more
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