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Dithiazine Analysis Cartridge

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Dithiazine is a key breakdown component of MEA-triazine-based hydrogen sulfide scavenger solutions. Conventional testing involves expensive, complicated laboratory methods that can take weeks to complete. With our simple, easy-to-use system for rapid analyte detection, it is possible to perform onsite, laboratory-grade testing for dithiazine in spent scavenger solutions. The reduction in testing time from weeks to minutes enables better decision making on when to replace scavenger solutions, improving scavenger system performance while reducing material and labor costs. When coupled with our MEA-Triazine and monoethanolamine cartridges, the dithiazine cartridge offers complete analysis of hydrogen sulfide scavenger solutions.

OV-PP-B011-PCT: 5% to 30%

OV-PP-B011-PPM: 5- to 100-ppm

Improved accuracy and detection limits are available for 1-6% analysis by adjusting sample mixing ratios during analysis. Contact OndaVia for more details!

Cartridges are provided ten (10) per box.