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OndaVia Raman Controller Software Package

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The OndaVia Raman Controller (ORC™) software package is designed for the scientist that wishes to develop their own analysis methods. The software provides full control over the Raman spectrometer such as power levels and integration time. Spectral calculations such as averaging, background subtraction, smoothing/filtering, and differentiation are included.

ORC also has a camera interface, allowing real-time substrate imaging on the same screen as the spectra are displayed. Camera control relies upon the DirectShow interface within Microsoft Windows, enabling image collection from a wide range of inexpensive cameras without requiring additional drivers.

Although designed to work best with the OndaVia Analysis System, the software can read from a range of Raman spectrometers; contact OndaVia for more information. Written using native Microsoft Windows .NET controls with an eye towards touch screen devices, ORC does not require additional third-party libraries that slow your system.