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The OndaVia Story

Time counts for chemical analysis. Fast, accurate monitoring increases yields and reduces costs. OndaVia was founded in 2009 to commercialize a fast, accurate, microfluidics-based water analysis system that enables real-time, trace-level chemical analysis. This system is ideally suited for the chemical analysis needed in a variety of industries—from oil and gas to chemical, environmental, and agricultural industries. The OndaVia analysis system consists of a small, transportable instrument, and disposable, chemical-specific cartridges. These two components improve analysis time from days to minutes, while providing laboratory-grade detection capabilities in the field. This approach addresses our customer need for rapid, on-site chemical testing at the necessary accuracy and detection limits. The key technologies that enable rapid, portable chemical detection leverage the decades-old state-of-the-art: chemical separation followed by spectroscopic detection. OndaVia’s first innovation (UndEO™) replaces slow, cumbersome chromatography systems with a thumb-sized, microfluidic device. This patented separation technology is coupled with a compact Raman spectrometer for detection. To magnify the response signal, OndaVia uses a second, patented technology (eSERS™) to embed surface-enhanced, Raman-spectroscopy-active particles in the microfluidic device. The union of these two technologies enables quick and convenient chemical analysis.

Where are we?

OndaVia HQ

OndaVia, Inc.
26102 Eden Landing Rd. #1
Hayward, CA 94545
Telephone: +1 (510) 576-0476
Fax: +1 (510) 887-3180


OndaVia Europe 

OndaVia B.V.
Herengracht 449 A
1017 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands


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