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Methyldiethanolamine Analysis Cartridges

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Organic amines are corrosion control agents that increase pH and scavenge corrosive contaminants. Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA), for example, as a widely-used corrosion inhibitor that acts as a hydrogen sulfide scavenger in oil and gas processing. On-site More selective for H2S over CO2 versus other amines, MDEA is commonly used in amine units. Monitoring MDEA levels in your rich and lean amine can help maintain appropriate corrosion protection, extending system lifetime and avoiding costly corrosion-induced shutdowns and failures.

OV-PP-B029-PCT: 30% to 60%

OV-PP-B029-PPM: 5- to 100-ppm

Cartridges are provided ten (10) per box.