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Fast, easy, do-it-yourself chemical analysis

The OndaVia Analysis System enables laboratory-grade chemical testing for a wide range of compounds in just minutes, from ionic species such as perchlorate and selenate to organics and amines. With a portable instrument and analyte-specific, consumable cartridges, you can measure contaminants down to part-per-billion levels—on-site, in under five minutes.


Ability to do field-based analysis of key contaminants with a portable instrument in the parts-per-billion range


Results in minutes that allow real-time decisions for process control, waste-water monitoring, site surveys, or pollution detection


Each cartridge has been designed to measure specific contaminants to provide useful laboratory quality results

OndaVia's technology rests on cutting-edge science to detect contaminants quickly and easily

Our eSERS™ detection and UndEO™ separation technology work in concert on a single, analyte-specific cartridge, with an easy-to-use portable instrument for fast field analysis. Near-real-time analysis can be done on specific contaminants with detection capabilities down to the parts-per-billion level.